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Glass Dinning Table

Furniture Assembly

Desk and Table

Setting up a work from home space?  I can help!  Desk or table assembly can be time consuming and challenging.  I can assemble desks and tables of various sizes and styles, esnuring all parts are securely attached, legs are level and the furniture is stable for use.  Let's set up your space today!

Wooden Desk

Storage, Cabinets and Shelving Unit 

If you have purchased a bookshelf or full shelving unit that requires assembly, I can handle that!  I ensure proper alignment and attachment of shelves, stability of the unit and secure mounting to the wall if necessary.

Empty Shelves

Outdoor Furniture

From Patio sets to garden benches, I can assemble your outdoor furniture.  I ensure all parts are securely attached, proper alignment is maintained, and the furniture is ready withstand outdoor conditions.  

Patio and Garden

Garage Storage & Shelving 

If you're looking to optimize your garage space with storage solutions, I can assemble garage storage systems such as shelving units, cabinets, and wall-mounted organizers.  I ensure proper installation and maximum functionality for efficient storage of your tools, equipment, and other items.  Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a well-organized garage!

Worker Lifting Cardboard Box

Chair and Stools

Whether it's an office chair, dining chair, or bar stool, I can assemble it for you. I ensure all screws and bolts are properly tightened, and the chair/stool is stable and safe to sit on.


Bar Stools

Entertainment Units

Setting up an entertainment center can be complex due to it's various components and wiring requirements.  I will ensure all parts fit together correctly, shelves are securely attached and cable management is in place.  

Video Games

Bedroom & Nursery Furniture

Whether it's a simple bed frame or a chest of drawers that require assembly, I can efficiently put it together.  I ensure all parts are securely attached, stable and the furniture is ready for use.

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